Frequently Asked Questions for Care Recipients

What are my tax reporting obligations as a Care Recipient?

Please seek the advice of a Certified Public Accountant or attorney to assist you with regard to whether you will need to issue a W-9 or 1099-MISC.

Are Care Providers eligible for workers compensation?

Depending upon the relationship as solely determined between the Care Provider and you, the Care Provider may be your employee and you may be subject to compliance with worker’s compensation requirements.  The Care Provider may have their own worker’s compensation insurance as well.

Are Care Providers insured?

We are insured for general liability, theft, and auto.

Care Providers may also carry additional applicable insurance coverage.  We encourage you to ask this question directly with your Care Provider.  We also encourage you to review your own insurance policies to determine coverage for personal injury, property damage, theft, or other loss caused by your Care Provider, or to determine coverage for personal injury or other loss to your Care Provider.

What types of background checks do you conduct on the Care Providers?

Through a third party vendor, we order limited background checks before allowing a Care Provider to continue in the application process to join our network. We rely entirely on the third party vendor for the completeness, accuracy, and reliability of the information provided from these background checks. For example, the comprehensiveness of the search results varies by the type of background check ordered as well as the state and county where the check is performed. Many jurisdictions only include felony conviction records but not misdemeanor or arrest records.

When reviewing the limited background checks results, we do not allow applicants with the following to be enrolled as a Care Provider: (a) a DWI in the past 7 years; (b) suspended driver’s license if transportation is required of the services; (c) registered sexual offender; (d) criminal charge related to physical violence, neglect, or abuse; or (e) theft charge.

We also recommend you read more about our use of background checks here.

What if a Care Provider doesn’t show up for an appointment?

If you scheduled a shift or appointment with a Care Provider and they do not show up, contact the staff immediately at 1-888-502-1732. We have zero tolerance for no call/no shows. If a Care Provider has committed to an appointment, and does not show up or call to explain the circumstances, we will work with you to find a replacement in our network of Care Providers. We do not continue working with Care Providers that abandon an appointment, unless a family makes a special request to continue working with that Care Provider.

What happens if a Care Provider calls in sick?

The Care Provider works directly for you and you decide how you want to handle call-ins. The common solutions include: finding a short-term replacement, choosing a new repeat Care Provider, or simply skipping the appointment that was called in for. We will always be happy to help facilitate any changes or decisions.

Can I use multiple Care Providers?

Yes! Using multiple Care Providers can be a great idea for clients that need many hours of care per week. This is also a great option if you need care for hours that might not fit one person’s schedule.

Will we have the same Care Provider every time?

No company can guarantee that the same Care Provider will always be available. However, we find that most Care Providers are looking for repeated caregiving assignments, and are happy to commit to a great family. It is our goal to promote positive caregiving relationships, to ensure that care is as consistent as possible for our clients.

What tasks do I need to complete each week for

Your only responsibility is to communicate with your Care Provider to ensure a strong caregiving relationship. We encourage you to view the weekly statement that we send out to verify accuracy for billing, but you are not required to submit or keep track of anything.

What if we need to make changes to the schedule?

Ask your Care Provider(s) directly if they are available to accommodate your schedule changes. Since the Care Providers use our online tracking tool, the changes in hours worked will automatically show in the time sheets and weekly statements. You are not required to put in a request to the office as your Care Providers will document updated hours. Any changes or cancellations to your scheduled care must be coordinated 24 hours in advance or the regular scheduled service may be charged to you.

If the Care Provider is not available for the requested hours, call at 1-888-502-1732, and we will help you find someone that is available.

How do I keep track of Care Providers’ time?

Our Care Providers use an online tracking tool to manage their hours. They clock in when they arrive at the client’s house, and clock out when they leave. You will have access to those details when the weekly statement is sent to you on Monday via email. If you have concerns about the Care Provider clocking in early or arriving late, please discuss that directly with the Care Provider. If the problem persists, notify the staff to see what changes can be made.

What are the fees associated with the service?

Your cost is $20.60 per hour of care in most locations. In New York City, the rate is $24.00 per hour of care. We require a two hour minimum of care per scheduled visit.

Do I have to pay my Care Provider overtime?

This depends upon the relationship as solely determined between the Care Provider and you. We do not engage the Care Provider in any manner other than the directory and mobile application features.

Do I have to tip my Care Provider(s)?

This is entirely up to you and you are under no obligation to do so. Any gratuity you wish to provide your Care Provider(s) is your discretion and you determine if this gratuity is deemed reportable to any taxing authority to report applicable taxes.

How does payment work?

You will register your credit card to our secure family website before service begins. Each Monday, you will receive a weekly statement from us, with the name of your Care Provider(s), and the shifts they worked the previous week. It will also include a total number of hours, and the total anticipated cost of care. You will have at least 24 hours to review this, ask questions, or let us know if any changes should be made. Each Tuesday, the credit card that you registered on this site will be charged automatically. If for any reason your card on file is declined, a service handling fee of $25 will be applied. In addition, for late payments, a fee of $25 per day is accrued on your statement. For delinquent statements past five business days, your care service will be suspended until payment is paid in full. We use secure third party services to process credit card information.

Do we have to sign a contract for services with CareGivers?

No. At, our clients are very important to us. You are only charged for services that are provided unless cancelled within a 24 hour window of scheduled care. If circumstances occur that change your need for services, you are able to do so, but please cancel or make changes 24 hours prior to scheduled care.

What if I choose to work privately with my Care Provider(s) and not use your time tracking and payment services?

Neither you nor the Care Provider will be covered by any insurance protection that offers. You will also assume all responsibility for associated fees, taxes, appointment scheduling and other requirements directly with the Care Provider. We are not able to assist you in finding other Care Providers as replacements if you are not registered in our family system.

For any other questions, please feel free to contact at:

1-888-502-1732 or [email protected]