Respectful Communication with Seniors: Don’t Call me Sweetie!

Pet names can be sweet signs of affection to the intimate people in your life. For many families it is totally acceptable to call your husband honey, your child sweetie or your pet pookie. However, what’s cute for family and … Read More

5 New Year Resolution’s for Older Adults

2017 is on it’s way and you know what that means…resolution time! Even if you gave up on resolutions years ago, it’s never too late to become re-inspired! You have to admit, the idea of a fresh new year and … Read More

November: National Family Caregiver Challenge!

November National Family Caregivers Month “Take Care to Give Care” National Family Caregivers Month is recognized each November in celebration of family members who care for one or more of their loved ones.  “Take Care to Give Care” is the … Read More

Family History Passed Down: Interview Questions for your Parents

By passing down the history of a parent or other relative, you are giving yourself and future generations an irreplaceable gift. When performing a life interview, you are essentially enabling them to pass down a glimpse into their world. Generations … Read More

8 Tricks to Keep Hydrated This Summer

Keeping hydrated is so important, especially during the summer as temperatures rise. Keeping our fluid intake high decreases infections, joint pain, body temperature irregularities, migraines and so much more. Water also helps with weight and high blood pressure. So we know water … Read More

5 Ways to Help Out a Caregiver: Take Action!

Have you ever been offered a gift or a helping hand verbally, but never taken that person up on their offer? This happens all the time due to politeness, embarrassment, busy schedules, etc. Many people will not reach out for help … Read More

Dementia and Alzheimer’s: Small Changes Big Confusion

When it comes to dementia, every patient’s brain is affected differently. As dementia progresses, those closest may be likely to see small changes in behavior and or personality. Other times, a spouse may be too close to see these changes or … Read More

28 Day Health Habit Challenge

Countless studies have been conducted asking the question: How long does it take to create a habit? While they didn’t find the magic number, they have proven that if you do something consistently and mindfully over a period of time … Read More

The Confusing Term: Dementia

The term dementia can be confusing and it is often misused. In the past, dementia was incorrectly referred to as “senility” or “senile dementia.” It was not uncommon for someone to believe becoming senile was just normal part of aging … Read More

Lori La Bey

Lori La Bey, the “Oprah” of Alzheimer’s

Meet the Experts on Aging Well: Lori La Bey Our Meet the Experts on Aging Well series celebrates the life’s work of our nation’s leading experts on aging. You can hear it in her voice, the way a personal memory of … Read More