Finding Senior Care for Your Loved One

In Home Care In-home care is care provided to a senior adult by a caregiving professional to assist the senior with the activities of daily living (ADLs) right in the comfort of their own home. The term activities of daily … Read More

What is an Ombudsman?

The word ombudsman means, “citizen representative”. He or she is appointed to investigate and resolve complaints made by private citizens against officials or government agencies.  LTC (long-term care) ombudsmen programs are government run and available to every senior living in … Read More

Become a Pen Pal to a Senior

In grandma and grandpa’s generation, a letter was a special arrival waiting inside the mailbox. I can still hear the sound of paper ripping as my grandmother carefully opened each envelope with her paper knife. She would smile as she came … Read More

Volunteering for the Elderly

While working as a Wellness and Life Enrichment Director I came across many individuals who were interested in volunteering with the elderly but were unsure as to what they could actually do. They simply knew they wanted it to be … Read More

7 More Tips for Advocating for Your Loved One in a Facility

If you help take care of a family member or friend, your role as caregiver is just as important whether you live in the same house as them, across town, or across the country. In my post last week I … Read More

caregiver with elderly woman

Advocating for Your Loved One in a Facility: Your Role as Caregiver Remains Essential (Part I)

We are all caregivers whether our loved one lives in their own home, in our home, or in a facility. Whether we live down the hall from them, across town, or across the country, our role as their caregiver and … Read More

Caregiver to Caregiver: 9 Recommended Books for the Journey

Working with elders and caregivers opens up conversation where ever I go! We are all touched in some way by the phenomenon of aging and the myriad of challenges that comes with caring for those that need support. Recently, I … Read More

Rehabilitation: Jumping Through The Hoops To Get Medicare Funding in a Skilled Nursing Facility

Guest blogger Brandon Fields is an elder law attorney in Boulder, Colorado. He works with seniors, their families and the disabled. Caregiver children form a large portion of his clientele. He has written a thorough post for us to understand … Read More

Alzheimer’s News: David Cassidy Speaking Out

No matter how famous someone is or how thick their wallet, there are certain diseases that are impenetrable to these powers. Alzheimer’s is sadly a great example of this. Among other harsh names in Alzheimer’s news, it has been called … Read More

Memory Care: Where to Start

Alzheimer’s is a heartbreaking disease, especially for those left behind. I have heard from so many of you in the situation of caring for a loved one that not only are you deeply saddened, you are confused, and things just … Read More