Mom Keeps Repeating Herself, Could she Have Dementia?

It’s a question that is all too common, “Mom is repeating herself, could she have dementia?” Even those who know very little about dementia typically link verbal repetition and “forgetfulness” to warning signs. With the high number of Alzheimer’s and … Read More

What are the Benefits of a Nonprofit Nursing Home?

When searching for the right nursing home for your loved one, there are many things to consider. Your checklist will likely include things such as price, proximity, and environment along with the information you receive from the facility and reviews regarding … Read More

Warning Signs Your Elderly Loved One Needs Help

When an elderly loved one needs help at home, it is not always obvious. In fact, it is usually the people who are closest that are the last to notice warning signs. Why? Familiarity. When changes happen gradually over time, … Read More

Dementia Support Through Creativity and Craft

With a little bit of creativity, anyone can turn very little into something impactful for someone with dementia. It is up to those that are able to help fill voids that dementia takes away. Although memories and other losses and … Read More

What is Lewy Body Dementia?

What is Lewy Body Dementia (LBD)? To understand Lewy Body Dementia it is important to first understand the term dementia on a whole. Dementia is a general term for loss of memory and other mental abilities severe enough to interfere with … Read More

The Sandwich Generation: Something for Everyone

By guest blogger: Ann Napoletan As I watch my mom’s slow decline further and further into depths of Alzheimer’s disease, I find that I am still trying to wrap my head around so many things.  Near the top of that … Read More

Memory Care: Issue or Symptom?

  Memory care can be extremely complicated. What is normal memory loss? I sometimes even find myself pausing at the stairs wondering what task I was trying to accomplish  and then wonder if I should worry, where has my brain … Read More

Memory Care: Where to Start

Alzheimer’s is a heartbreaking disease, especially for those left behind. I have heard from so many of you in the situation of caring for a loved one that not only are you deeply saddened, you are confused, and things just … Read More

Alzheimer’s Disease: Providing Comfort, Whatever It Takes

by guest blogger: Ann E. Napoletan Spending time with Alzheimer’s patients tends to bring forth a myriad of poignant moments, some leaving their indelible mark in your mind forever. It doesn’t seem all that long ago that I remember sitting … Read More