5 Small Breeds That Make Great Companion Dogs for Seniors

For seniors looking to adopt a dog, certain breeds have specific genetic traits making them the perfect lap companion. While there are a countless amount of pups (including lovable mutts!) that can be great for seniors, we have chosen 5 … Read More

Warning Signs Your Elderly Loved One Needs Help

When an elderly loved one needs help at home, it is not always obvious. In fact, it is usually the people who are closest that are the last to notice warning signs. Why? Familiarity. When changes happen gradually over time, … Read More

Finding Senior Care for Your Loved One

In Home Care In-home care is care provided to a senior adult by a caregiving professional to assist the senior with the activities of daily living (ADLs) right in the comfort of their own home. The term activities of daily … Read More

25 Warning Signs Your Parent Needs Help at Home

Recognizing the Warning Signs As parents age, it’s natural for children to wonder if mom and dad are in need of help. If you have concerns about your parents living on their own, ask yourself where that worry is stemming … Read More

Shaming Children who are not Primary Caregivers to their Parents

If you have and elderly parent in need of care, you may be experiencing challenges you never even saw coming. Children of elderly dependent parents often express feelings of guilt, confusion, and frustration stemming from the judgment put upon them … Read More

Maintaining Independence As You Age

Independence, what does it mean to you? If you were to ask a child, a teenager, an adult and a senior citizen they will all most likely give you very different answers to what independence looks like through their eyes. … Read More

Senior Home Care in Denver, CO

Senior Home Care in Denver, CO

Senior living in Denver is a lot easier with the right help, and there are plenty of options to choose from. The Denver metro area is home to nearly 200 home care agencies. Most offer help with daily tasks and … Read More

Detroit Home Care

Detroit Home Care

Detroit has a rapidly growing retiree population that’s expected to be nearly a quarter of the city’s total by the year 2040. These seniors include people who have paid off their homes and want to live in them as long … Read More

In-Home Care in San Francisco

San Francisco In-Home Care

Spending your golden years near the Golden Gate Bridge is an idea with appeal. San Francisco’s mild climate, walkable neighborhoods (if you don’t mind hills), and cultural life make it an attractive place to live at any age. Factor in … Read More

Home Health Care in Charlotte, NC

Home Health Care in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte has lots of well-regarded options for assisted living, but for many seniors the best assistance is the kind that lets them keep living in their own homes. There are more than 40 agencies in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg County region that … Read More