What are Living Estate Sales?

You’ve heard of estate sales, but have you heard of living estate sales? While the former takes place after a relative has passed, a living estate sale takes place when the individual is still living. Estate sales can have different meanings … Read More

Family Caregivers: A Caregiver’s Bill of Rights

All caregivers face challenges from time to time, sometimes forgetting their personal rights. Family caregivers in particular have their own set of obstacles due to years of personal history and the nature of the relationship. Many family caregivers have trouble … Read More

November: National Family Caregiver Challenge!

November National Family Caregivers Month “Take Care to Give Care” National Family Caregivers Month is recognized each November in celebration of family members who care for one or more of their loved ones.  “Take Care to Give Care” is the … Read More

25 Warning Signs Your Parent Needs Help at Home

Recognizing the Warning Signs As parents age, it’s natural for children to wonder if mom and dad are in need of help. If you have concerns about your parents living on their own, ask yourself where that worry is stemming … Read More

Grandparents Day: Make a Grand Gesture!

Nation Grandparents Day is just around the corner, don’t let this year go by without letting your granny and gramp’s know just how appreciated they are! Even the simplest of actions can be considered grand gestures in your loved ones … Read More

Top 7 DIY and Reminiscing Projects for the Elderly

Simple Projects that Wow Arts, crafts and reminiscing projects are a great way to connect with elderly seniors on a physical, cognitive and emotional level. Choosing an activity that highlights his or her strengths can be a great motivator and … Read More

Become a Pen Pal to a Senior

In grandma and grandpa’s generation, a letter was a special arrival waiting inside the mailbox. I can still hear the sound of paper ripping as my grandmother carefully opened each envelope with her paper knife. She would smile as she came … Read More

8 Tricks to Keep Hydrated This Summer

Keeping hydrated is so important, especially during the summer as temperatures rise. Keeping our fluid intake high decreases infections, joint pain, body temperature irregularities, migraines and so much more. Water also helps with weight and high blood pressure. So we know water … Read More

The Confusing Term: Dementia

The term dementia can be confusing and it is often misused. In the past, dementia was incorrectly referred to as “senility” or “senile dementia.” It was not uncommon for someone to believe becoming senile was just normal part of aging … Read More

The Driving Dilemma: Proceed with Caution

For most of us, getting our driver’s license stands out as one of the most exciting and memorable events of our youth. Achieving that milestone is a huge step toward independence! No more being carted around by mom; finally, the … Read More