Finding Senior Care for Your Loved One

In Home Care In-home care is care provided to a senior adult by a caregiving professional to assist the senior with the activities of daily living (ADLs) right in the comfort of their own home. The term activities of daily … Read More

4 Unique Retirement Communities in the U.S.

People are asking for better options when it comes to retirement and other types of elderly care communities. Healthcare professionals, government officials and business women and men alike are taking note and putting these requests into action. One size doesn’t … Read More

UTI Prevention For The Elderly

Urinary tract infections (UTI) are the second most common infection among women in the United States. It is said that over 50% of women will have at least one UTI in their lifetime. UTI’s are especially prevalent in the elderly … Read More

How to Help Elderly Parents Manage Finances

Everyday, elderly parents find themselves in situations where guidance with money management is needed. Financial situations usually change as we get older making it necessary for children or a professional advisor to step in helping maintain assets for the loved … Read More

25 Warning Signs Your Parent Needs Help at Home

Recognizing the Warning Signs As parents age, it’s natural for children to wonder if mom and dad are in need of help. If you have concerns about your parents living on their own, ask yourself where that worry is stemming … Read More

Senior Celebrity Spotlight: Diane Keaton

At 70 years old Diane Keaton looks as beautiful as ever, however, her true beauty comes from her life lessons on ditching insecurities and embracing imperfection.  Keaton’s personality and wisdom on aging shines bright casting light on those who are … Read More

Dementia: Understanding Behavior as Communication

As dementia affects the brain of our loved one, it can be difficult to understand what he or she is trying to communicate with us through their behaviors. Dementia takes away the ability to express feelings in the way that … Read More

What is Vascular Dementia?

Vascular dementia is fairly common, ranking number two after dementia caused by Alzheimer’s Disease.  Vascular dementia occurs when the brain is deprived of enough blood carrying the oxygen and nutrients it needs. The lack of blood causes brain damage which … Read More

Understanding Sundowning

Sundowning Sundowning is a dementia related symptom which causes behaviors to increase during the evening and night hours. Specific behaviors include elevated agitation, confusion and disorientation. For those of us without dementia, the evening can be a time to wind … Read More

Volunteering for the Elderly

While working as a Wellness and Life Enrichment Director I came across many individuals who were interested in volunteering with the elderly but were unsure as to what they could actually do. They simply knew they wanted it to be … Read More