Dementia Caregiving: Tips on Dressing and Grooming

Daily dressing and grooming are such important parts of the day for someone with dementia. Feeling fresh, clean and well groomed can go a long way in boosting self esteem and feeling comfortable. If you are a caregiver, you may … Read More

Caregiving: From Good to Great

What Constitutes Good or Great Caregiving?  We all know the basics of being a model employee…be on time, trustworthy, reliable, flexible, have a good attitude and work ethic. Great caregiving takes more than simply meeting the usual workplace standards, it … Read More

7 Red Flags to Look for When Choosing a LTC Facility

If the time has come for you to help your loved one transition into a Long Term Care (LTC) facility, look out for these 7 red flags found in communities that may not be up to par. 1. Nurse Aide Attitude- … Read More

The Importance of Body Language in Caregiving

We have all heard that it’s not necessarily what you say; it’s how you convey your message. And more important—it’s all about your body language. Body language is the universal, nonverbal communication that humans have used since the beginning of … Read More