How to Create Meaningful Activities as a Caregiver

Providing seniors with meaningful activities lifts spirits, enhances mood and provides several mental health benefits. Maintaining a sense of purpose and self-reliance is very important to seniors even when they are in need of caregiving due to dementia or major physical … Read More

Senior Living: Tips on Growing Herbs and Berries Indoors

Spring has sprung, the sweet smell of jasmine is in the air and the time to plant is among us! Indoor gardening is an easy alternative to the hassles of hauling giant bags of mulch and weed pulling. You can … Read More

5 Small Breeds That Make Great Companion Dogs for Seniors

For seniors looking to adopt a dog, certain breeds have specific genetic traits making them the perfect lap companion. While there are a countless amount of pups (including lovable mutts!) that can be great for seniors, we have chosen 5 … Read More

Alzheimer’s: Why Validation is Key to a Good Relationship

What is Validation and How Can I Use it? In the past, caregivers and family members were told to correct or “gently remind” those with Alzheimer’s of reality when they were lost in an alternate version. We now know that … Read More

Self-Care Tips for the CareGiver

We’re excited to continue our new series of blogs written by the team. Damita has been with since 2016, first as a Home Care Advisor and now as a Home Care Recruiter. She enjoys art, a good cup of … Read More

Family Caregivers: A Caregiver’s Bill of Rights

All caregivers face challenges from time to time, sometimes forgetting their personal rights. Family caregivers in particular have their own set of obstacles due to years of personal history and the nature of the relationship. Many family caregivers have trouble … Read More

Food for Thought: Finding Food Delivery Near You

Finding food delivery for senior citizens is easier than ever. From government delivery services to home cooked meals from your local church, options are plentiful if you know where to look. Meal delivery can be extremely helpful for seniors having … Read More

The ABCs of Caregiving: Words of Wisdom and Comfort (a Book Review)

If you are caring for a family member or friend, I recommend a little book called “The ABCs of Caregiving: Words to Inspire You.” It’s a short, sweet read, a book you might keep on your bedside table and return … Read More

caregiver hugging elderly woman

A New Resource for Rare Disease Caregivers

Many family caregivers provide care for a person with a rare disease—more than you might think. A brand-new website for rare disease caregivers addresses their specific needs and concerns. When our son, Andrew, was eight years old, he developed a … Read More

Hospice Care: Two Sides to Every Coin

Not long ago, I attended a seminar on “modern” hospice care. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that it can provide a different, and much more positive, experience than what we traditionally think of when we hear the word “hospice.” … Read More