Safety Checklist for Seniors Living at Home

These days, more seniors are able to remain in the comfort of their own home as they age. This is partly due to the increasing amount of available resources for the elderly. Utilizing these resources is an important step in reducing … Read More

Five Fun Ways to Accessorize Wheelchairs

Did you know that July is Wheelchair Beautification Month? Now is the perfect time to get your wheelchair beautified just in time for summer! Your chair doesn’t have to just be your ride, it can be a vehicle of artistic … Read More

How to Create Meaningful Activities as a Caregiver

Providing seniors with meaningful activities lifts spirits, enhances mood and provides several mental health benefits. Maintaining a sense of purpose and self-reliance is very important to seniors even when they are in need of caregiving due to dementia or major physical … Read More

Alzheimer’s: Why Validation is Key to a Good Relationship

What is Validation and How Can I Use it? In the past, caregivers and family members were told to correct or “gently remind” those with Alzheimer’s of reality when they were lost in an alternate version. We now know that … Read More

Self-Care Tips for the CareGiver

We’re excited to continue our new series of blogs written by the team. Damita has been with since 2016, first as a Home Care Advisor and now as a Home Care Recruiter. She enjoys art, a good cup of … Read More

Family Caregivers: A Caregiver’s Bill of Rights

All caregivers face challenges from time to time, sometimes forgetting their personal rights. Family caregivers in particular have their own set of obstacles due to years of personal history and the nature of the relationship. Many family caregivers have trouble … Read More

How to Hire the Right Caregiver: 6 Crucial Questions to Ask

6 Crucial Questions to Ask to Make Sure You Hire the Right Caregiver

Written by Alena Bowen  Every family takes a different road to the destination of in-home care. For some, it is an obvious, easy, logical choice made with time and consensus. For others, the path is harder, and can be initiated … Read More

The author and her mother, Judy

6 Ways to Find Free Support as a Caregiver

30% of family caregivers are depressed, and 60% report extreme stress. Caregivers need help—affordable help—but we often don’t know where to look. When I first started caring for my mother, Judy, 8 years ago, I didn’t think of myself as … Read More

November 2011 is National Caregivers Month

Each year since 1997, the President of the United States has honored family caregivers by Presidential proclamation. What began as National Caregivers Week in 1997 has grown into National Caregivers Month. On November 1st President Obama proclaimed November 2011 National … Read More

What is Your Caregiving Style

What’s Your Caregiver Style? Over the years we have seen many different family caregivers, each handling their situation in their own unique way.  Yet, over those years, what has emerged are a few distinct Caregiver Styles that caregivers fit into.  … Read More