Family Caregivers: A Caregiver’s Bill of Rights

All caregivers face challenges from time to time, sometimes forgetting their personal rights. Family caregivers in particular have their own set of obstacles due to years of personal history and the nature of the relationship. Many family caregivers have trouble … Read More

How to Help Elderly Parents Manage Finances

Everyday, elderly parents find themselves in situations where guidance with money management is needed. Financial situations usually change as we get older making it necessary for children or a professional advisor to step in helping maintain assets for the loved … Read More

Caregiving: From Good to Great

What Constitutes Good or Great Caregiving?  We all know the basics of being a model employee…be on time, trustworthy, reliable, flexible, have a good attitude and work ethic. Great caregiving takes more than simply meeting the usual workplace standards, it … Read More

How to Help Aging Parents with their Pets

Beloved pets are part of the family, so what happens when your loved ones can no longer care for them due to aging? There are options available to help you and your elderly family member make a decision that is … Read More

In Home Care: Hire Your Own Caregiver or Work with an Agency?

When your parents need help at home, your first decision is how you’ll find that help. For most of us, the choices are to hire help directly or work with a home care agency. An agency will handle administrative chores, … Read More

The Confusing Term: Dementia

The term dementia can be confusing and it is often misused. In the past, dementia was incorrectly referred to as “senility” or “senile dementia.” It was not uncommon for someone to believe becoming senile was just normal part of aging … Read More

6 Caregiver Tips for Senior Financial Planning: What You Need to Know

I don’t regret a whole lot about the eight years I was my mother’s caregiver, but one thing I wish I had done differently is I wish I had sought the advice of a financial planner. Today’s guest post about … Read More

Free or Low-Cost Webinars for Caregivers of Veterans

If you are a family member caring for a veteran, there are many free or low-cost resources on-line to help you find support and understand the benefits you are entitled to. Today I’d like to highlight two of these free … Read More

The Caregiver's Ultimate Reward

The Ultimate Caregiver Reward

By: Kay E. Engle Ms. Engle is a retiree whose offer to care for her aging mother began a difficult but unforgettable journey of caregiving, love and understanding. She wrote “A Day in the Life of a Caregiver,” one of … Read More

elderly woman and caregiver smiling at each other

Top 10 Questions When Hiring a Home Care Agency

Are you thinking about finding a home care agency for your loved one? If so, here are some tips to help you find one that’s right for you and your family. If you don’t want to move mom or dad … Read More