Safety Checklist for Seniors Living at Home

These days, more seniors are able to remain in the comfort of their own home as they age. This is partly due to the increasing amount of available resources for the elderly. Utilizing these resources is an important step in reducing … Read More

Reversible Dementia vs. Irreversible Dementia

With Alzheimer’s continuing to be on the rise, there is more talk than ever regarding dementia. With all of the media attention, it’s no wonder that so many adults worry that every lapse in memory or moment of befuddlement could … Read More

Caregivers Traveling with Families

Caregivers Traveling with Families Are you thinking of traveling with your elderly loved one but worry if it’s the right decision? Many family members struggle with this choice fearing that the trip will be too overwhelming with all of the … Read More

Senior Living: Tips on Growing Herbs and Berries Indoors

Spring has sprung, the sweet smell of jasmine is in the air and the time to plant is among us! Indoor gardening is an easy alternative to the hassles of hauling giant bags of mulch and weed pulling. You can … Read More

5 Small Breeds That Make Great Companion Dogs for Seniors

For seniors looking to adopt a dog, certain breeds have specific genetic traits making them the perfect lap companion. While there are a countless amount of pups (including lovable mutts!) that can be great for seniors, we have chosen 5 … Read More

Self-Care Tips for the CareGiver

We’re excited to continue our new series of blogs written by the team. Damita has been with since 2016, first as a Home Care Advisor and now as a Home Care Recruiter. She enjoys art, a good cup of … Read More

Warning Signs Your Elderly Loved One Needs Help

When an elderly loved one needs help at home, it is not always obvious. In fact, it is usually the people who are closest that are the last to notice warning signs. Why? Familiarity. When changes happen gradually over time, … Read More

How to Create a Wellness Program

Thinking of a way to kick off a new year? How about creating a wellness program tailored just for you and your loved one? As a Wellness and Life Enrichment Director, some of my most rewarding experiences were setting reachable … Read More

Caregiver Support

Caregiving and The Real Cost of Care

By: Kay E. Engle Ms. Engle is a retiree whose offer to care for her aging mother began a difficult but unforgettable journey of caregiving, love and understanding. She wrote “A Day in the Life of a Caregiver,” one of … Read More

The author and her mother, Judy

6 Ways to Find Free Support as a Caregiver

30% of family caregivers are depressed, and 60% report extreme stress. Caregivers need help—affordable help—but we often don’t know where to look. When I first started caring for my mother, Judy, 8 years ago, I didn’t think of myself as … Read More