How to Tell the Difference Between Delirium and Dementia

Delirium and dementia can often be confused because both conditions can cause a person to become cognitively confused and emotionally distressed. Each typically occur when some sort of trauma has taken place within the brain. Delirium is more prevalent in … Read More

Caregiving: Why is Routine Important?

Routines can greatly reduce stress among the elderly. As a caregiver, establishing a consistent routine helps seniors know what’s next while feeling safe and secure. If the elderly person you are caring for has dementia, routines can become even more … Read More

How to Create Meaningful Activities as a Caregiver

Providing seniors with meaningful activities lifts spirits, enhances mood and provides several mental health benefits. Maintaining a sense of purpose and self-reliance is very important to seniors even when they are in need of caregiving due to dementia or major physical … Read More

Warning Signs Your Elderly Loved One Needs Help

When an elderly loved one needs help at home, it is not always obvious. In fact, it is usually the people who are closest that are the last to notice warning signs. Why? Familiarity. When changes happen gradually over time, … Read More

The Healing Power of Pets

We’re excited to start this new series of blogs written by our Home Care Advisor team. Annie has been with since early this year and lives in Austin. She enjoys taking the train downtown, hiking, live music, and going to the lake. Annie has … Read More

Lack of Movement Linked to Depression

Depression and Lack of Movement Could lack of movement be linked to depression? More scientific studies are concluding that prolonged sitting can lead to psychological distress decreasing your feelings of well-being. Mood disorders including depression can both stem from or be … Read More

Ready, Set, Laugh! Silly Humor for Seniors

There is a reason for the old saying “laughter is the best medicine”. Did you know that just the sound of laughter can actually trigger physical and emotional changes in the body? Humor therapy (also known as therapeutic humor)  began … Read More

5 Fun Ways to Exercise Your Brain

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to exercising physically or mentally, I need it to be fun to keep me motivated! Below are 5 ways to keep your brain fit without lofty tasks such as  “learn a … Read More

Meet Your Brain’s Biggest Fan: Dr. Paul Nussbaum

Meet the Experts on Aging Well: Dr. Paul Nussbaum Our Meet the Experts on Aging Well series celebrates the life’s work of our nation’s leading experts on aging. When you read about Dr. Paul Nussbaum, it’s easy to feel a little “star-struck” … Read More

Get Your Spunk Back: Nutrition for Energy!

You wake up and roll out of bed energized for the day ahead! Do you remember the last time this was the case? Are you feeling like there is not enough spunk and clarity for all that you are required … Read More