5 New Year Resolution’s for Older Adults

2017 is on it’s way and you know what that means…resolution time! Even if you gave up on resolutions years ago, it’s never too late to become re-inspired! You have to admit, the idea of a fresh new year and … Read More

Senior Celebrity Spotlight: Bruce Willis

Senior celebrity Bruce Willis turned 61 as of March 19th this year, looking great and reportedly in superb heath! How does he manage to keep that ball rolling without skipping a beat? Being an A list celebrity surely helps! From personal trainers … Read More

Live to be a 100, Comfortably and in Better Health

Not only are Americans living longer, but according to researchers they are doing so more comfortably and in better health than ever before. This is positive news for the baby boomer generation (born between 1946-1964) who are expected to live longer … Read More

Baby Boomers: Avoiding Living Wills

When polled,  64% of baby boomers (those born between 1946-1964) admitted to not having a living will or any other form of end-of-life document in place. Many people prefer not to talk about death or what will happen after they … Read More

Shifting the Paradigm of Aging – Restoring the Broken Connection

I believe we are in a dilemma as we engage our increasing older population.  It seems we lack social structures, traditions, and wisdom to make the last years manageable and to allow our elders to feel valued instead of marginalized. … Read More

As baby boomers retire, a focus on caregivers

CNN) — Whenever Felicia Hudson gets overwhelmed juggling a full-time job and caring for her ailing father, she finds solace in a piece of paper hanging in her office. “Circumstances do not cause anger, nervousness, worry or depression … it … Read More