What is Palliative Care?

Palliative Care Palliative care (pronounced pal-lee-uh-tiv) is specialized medical care for people with a serious illness in need of relief from pain and suffering. Palliative services focus on improving the patients quality of life by providing as much comfort as … Read More

Driving Miss. Norma: A Year Long Adventure at 90

This is a story of love, a story of adventure and most of all a story of gaining a second lease on life. Michigan native Norma Jean Bauerschmidt had no idea that at age 90 her life would be completely transformed. In … Read More

Must Know Senior Citizen Discounts

If you are a senior citizen 50+, there are an array of discounts available just waiting for you to claim! You’ve paid your dues, now is the time to enjoy the perks! Rates, discounts and promotions are constantly changing so … Read More

4 Must Know Secrets to Embrace Your Best Self

What does it mean to embrace your best self? Do you picture happiness, good health, youth? Is your vision of your “best self” attainable? Originally, I planned to write an article about the secrets of staying younger longer, however, halfway … Read More

Senior Celebrity Spotlight: Diane Keaton

At 70 years old Diane Keaton looks as beautiful as ever, however, her true beauty comes from her life lessons on ditching insecurities and embracing imperfection.  Keaton’s personality and wisdom on aging shines bright casting light on those who are … Read More

Baby Boomers: Avoiding Living Wills

When polled,  64% of baby boomers (those born between 1946-1964) admitted to not having a living will or any other form of end-of-life document in place. Many people prefer not to talk about death or what will happen after they … Read More

Living Without Regrets: 7 Common Regrets of the Dying

Living without regrets, is it possible? Listening to common regrets of the dying just may give us the motivation to make changes today and right wrongs while we still have time. While everyone’s life story is uniquely their own, there … Read More

5 Reasons Why Hiring an Older Adult is Beneficial to your Company

1. Experience- Generally speaking, older adults not only have more work experience, they have more life experience. Hiring qualified or even “over qualified” older adults should not be intimidating to younger managers. Think of how your older employee can help … Read More

How to Help Aging Parents with their Pets

Beloved pets are part of the family, so what happens when your loved ones can no longer care for them due to aging? There are options available to help you and your elderly family member make a decision that is … Read More

What is Vascular Dementia?

Vascular dementia is fairly common, ranking number two after dementia caused by Alzheimer’s Disease.  Vascular dementia occurs when the brain is deprived of enough blood carrying the oxygen and nutrients it needs. The lack of blood causes brain damage which … Read More