Assisted Living Finding the Right Fit

Consumer Checklist for Assisted Living Facilities When the day comes and all signs point towards assisted living being the right choice for a loved one, there are several things that need to be considered.  The stakes are high and there is … Read More

caregivers need housekeepers too

Caregivers Need Housekeepers Too! How to Hire…

Hiring a Housekeeper If your life as a caregiver is so busy that you’re thinking of hiring an individual or agency to clean your home, you’re not alone.  The US Department of Commerce estimates that by 2010, 80% of dual-income … Read More

When elderly grandparents move in

Helping Your Children Adjust to an Elderly Grandparent Moving In

By guest author: Amy Trenton Children need attention, especially during their formative years, and any changes to the family dynamic can lead to a lot of confusion and problems. The addition of a new family member in the home can … Read More

Adjusting to a new reality

Living With Mom – Adjusting to a New Reality

By Guest Blogger: Kay Engle Kay retired a few years ago only to find herself a caregiver the next day. She describes the daily struggles between giving care while maintaining privacy for her mother. Every day was a new experience … Read More

Remembering mom

Remembering Mom and Finding Peace Within

By Guest blogger, Idella Spann I have been thinking about my mom a lot in the past few weeks.  I marvel at how she coped with my father’s death.  She didn’t drive and lived in a small rural community.  Her … Read More

Seniors: Engaging in the Past, Present & Future

By Guest Blogger: Patrick M. Kennedy Seniors Engaging in the Past There were so many keen things in the past for today’s seniors. The lowdown of this snazzy earlier period will be a wacky and juicy journey and will open … Read More

Shifting the Paradigm of Aging – Restoring the Broken Connection

I believe we are in a dilemma as we engage our increasing older population.  It seems we lack social structures, traditions, and wisdom to make the last years manageable and to allow our elders to feel valued instead of marginalized. … Read More

The Importance of Planning End of Life Care

By guest blogger: Reva Tift, who offers her expertise, knowledge and guidance in making thoughtful decisions around care at the end of life. When my father was dying I was surprised to find that there was a deep disagreement within … Read More

Creating A Family Caregiver Support Group

I have had several people ask me lately where they can find a caregiver support group. This thrills me as it indicates that we are starting to understand that we don’t need to go at this adventure alone! Unfortunately, all … Read More

Autumnal Equinox Chowder – An Easy Recipe for Caregivers

Are you feeling the change in the air? Autumn is upon us! The Autumnal Equinox is this Saturday September 22nd 2012. For those of you who are into etymology, the term Equinox is derived from Latin meaning “equal night” – … Read More