3 Book Reviews—and a Give-Away—for National Family Caregivers Month

In honor of National Family Caregivers Month, here are three new books for caregivers that would make excellent holiday gifts. The first is a beautiful hardcover memoir in cartoon form that I’m giving away in a drawing. 1. “Can’t We … Read More

You Can Help Raise Alzheimer’s Awareness: A Quick Survey

Even though Alzheimer’s disease is a growing epidemic, affecting one in eight people over age 65, there exists no national campaign in the U.S. equivalent to the AIDS Memorial Quilt to raise awareness. It’s time to change that! The newly-formed WomenAgainstAlzheimer’s … Read More

Are End-of-Life Discussions Covered by Your Medical Insurance?

Not only can it be difficult to think about end-of-life issues ahead of time, but family caregivers often feel uncertain about whether “advance care planning” sessions with their loved ones’ doctors are covered by medical insurance. As family caregivers we … Read More

“Slow Dancing with a Stranger”: A Book Review for World Alzheimer’s Month

Today is the last day of the 3rd annual World Alzheimer’s Month™. In honor of this month I highly recommend an unflinching new memoir about dementia caregiving:  “Slow Dancing with a Stranger: Lost and Found in the Age of Alzheimer’s” … Read More

caregiver hugging elderly woman

New Tool Helps Senior Caregivers Check on Loved Ones Living Alone

If you are a caregiver for a family member or friend who lives in their own home across town or across the country, a new product can help you feel more secure about their well-being. A simple piece of technology, … Read More

New “Caregifted Blog of the Week” Award Honors Family Caregivers

Do you know someone who has cared for a severely disabled family member at home for ten years or more, and who writes about caregiving on a blog? When my mother, who had dementia, lived with me and my young … Read More

Why You’re So Tired: Long-Term Caregiving is a New Phenomenon

As many of us live longer, family caregiving for an elder parent or spouse with frailty, dementia or other chronic health problems can last for five to ten years or more. Has “long-term” care always lasted so long? Not even … Read More

5 Reasons to Hire a Geriatric Care Manager, and One Perhaps Not To

Feeling anxious and overwhelmed as a family caregiver? A geriatric care manager can relieve your stress by helping you make caregiving decisions, navigate the elder care system, and supervise care. Occasionally on this blog I write about things I wish … Read More

The Power of Music: New Film “Alive Inside” Is a Must-See for Dementia Care Partners

One stigma of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias is the belief that people living with advanced dementia are completely “gone” –“shells of their former selves.” A new documentary shows that people with advanced dementia who may seem to have lost … Read More

6 Caregiver Tips for Senior Financial Planning: What You Need to Know

I don’t regret a whole lot about the eight years I was my mother’s caregiver, but one thing I wish I had done differently is I wish I had sought the advice of a financial planner. Today’s guest post about … Read More