And In the Final Analysis…

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What Role Does Diet Play in Alzheimer’s?

These days, almost everybody knows someone who has struggled with dementia. While perhaps it used to be the second cousin of Aunt Betty’s great-grandma twice removed, now you rarely meet anyone who hasn’t been touched firsthand. Back to Basics? With … Read More

8 Signs That May Suggest It’s Time For Assisted Living

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Dementia Dogs: Enriching Life In Countless Ways

This summer, the news has been full of wonderful dementia advocacy stories from across the Atlantic. Support and awareness are growing across Europe, and innovative ideas just keep coming. Students from the Glasgow School of Art in Glasgow, Scotland, are … Read More

Are You Prepared for an Emergency?

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How to Gradually Introduce In-Home Care

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Parenting Your Parent: 6 Things I’ve Lived and Learned

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3 Causes of Sudden Confusion in the Elderly

While we know dementia is a common problem in the elderly, it’s important to be aware that various conditions can intensify its symptoms. Even individuals with no prior history can exhibit severe confusion when faced with UTIs, dehydration, or surgical … Read More

Caregiver Transformation: Finding Your Way

To find the way, close your eyes, listen closely, and attend with your heart. ~ Unknown I can honestly say that throughout the course of my mom’s lengthy illness, I had no idea how much of a mental and emotional … Read More

What is the Alzheimer’s/Dementia Hospital Wristband Project?

We were fortunate  – my mom only had to visit the hospital very, very early on in her illness – but even at that, I know how difficult it was. Every day, thousands of families are faced with the challenge … Read More