8 Ways to Make Halloween Fun Again for Seniors Halloween- is it for the young or just the young at heart? We say, enjoying the traditions of this holiday doesn’t have to be reserved for the kiddo’s, there is plenty of fun and magic to be shared! If you are a senior or have a special senior in your life, make Halloween fun again with these 8 tips!

  1. Listen to classic halloween music. Music is a powerful way to get you into the spirit of any holiday season. Put on The Monster Mash and just try not to sing a long! Other fun classics you can include are, the Addams Family theme song, Time Warp (from the Rocky Horror Picture Show), Strange Enchantment by Ozzie Nelson & Rose Anne Stevens and I Put a Spell on You by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins.
  2. Reminisce with stories of past halloweens. Ask mom, grandpa or great-grandma what halloween was like when8 Ways to Make Halloween Fun Again for Seniors they were a child and compare how things are different today. Were there more tricks than treats? Were costumes made from things around the house? What was used to collect goodies and what kind of treats were typical?
  3. Have a kids costume parade. Who can resist smiling at children all dressed up with their little faces glowing at from the excitement of receiving treats? If your parent lives in a senior care facility, plan for a group of neighborhood kids to parade through the facility as residents hand out treats. You can also have the kids make cards or other small gifts to hand out to the residents!
  4. Play halloween themed games. Halloween charades, spooky bingo and finish the scary story are games the whole family can play together while sharing laughs.
  5. Have a costume party. While you won’t be going door to door collecting candy, adults don’t have to give up the fun of dressing up. Come up with costume ideas for you and your loved ones and make it happen! There are tons of adult costume ideas to choose from, some of the best in my opinion being homemade. Need something DIY that’s quick easy? Try cutting out paper crowns to become a king or queen. If you have a deck of cards, attach the queen or king of hearts to the crown or on clothing.8 Ways to Make Halloween Fun Again for Seniors
  6. Decorate pumpkins. Skip the carving tools and paint designs right on the pumpkin. Glitter markers show up great on white pumpkins as well.
  7. Prepare a themed meal. There are so many delicious fall flavors, it may be hard to decide what make! Here’s a quick meal idea that includes seasonal flavors and fall colors: Bake pumpkin seeds for an appetizer and butternut squash soup paired with a grilled cheddar cheese sandwich for the main dish. Looking for something special to wash it all down? Spiced apple cider may do the trick and devil’s food cake makes a great treat!
  8. Display decorations. Having a decorated door, porch and or living space is fun for every generation to admire. Even the process of displaying fun themed items makes for a great intergenerational activity. There’s no need to spend a lot on decor, DIY crafts are a good way to keep costs down and have fun getting crafty with your loved one.

Halloween is not for everyone and that’s ok! For those wanting to participate, we hope the ideas above will get your loved one in the festive spirit. Tell us your favorite halloween memory in the comment section below!

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  1. Steve Hanson

    These celebratory days are amazing and everyone should take part in it. Stories on Halloween are a must. Seniors can tell their grandchildren about their past spooky encounters which are also a fun way. As well as costume parties. No matter what your age is, Halloween celebration is for every younger and older adult. Thanks for sharing the list.

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