Did you know that July is Wheelchair Beautification Month? Now is the perfect time to get your wheelchair beautified just in time for summer! Your chair doesn’t have to just be your ride, it can be a vehicle of artistic expression! Take a look at these five fun ways you can accessorize your wheelchair and show off your personal style.

  1. Craft Tape

Add personality with decorative craft tapes! They come in numerous patterns, colors and widths! Best of all when you want to swap it out for a new design, brands such as Washi Masking Tape are easy to peel off and leave no sticky residue like traditional tapes do. Tape a little or tape a lot, it’s up to you how colorful you want to get!

2. Fabric 

Using fabric accessories on wheelchairs is popular because it can be ascetically pleasing and functional at the same time. Just a few fabric ideas include hanging pockets, bags, cushions and armrest covers. Tie straps make for easy removal for washing or exchanging seasonally. One of my favorite looks are crocheted wheelchairs! Although crochet has been around for many generations, it has become increasingly popular in the past few years, so you’ll be right on trend with this one!

3. Wheel/Spoke Covers

Make your own wheel covers! Paint designs on cardboard or plastic then cut out circles to fit the center of the wheel. These are so easy to remove and replace that you can have different colors and designs for each season. Because they are flat and do not take up much space they will fit right under the bed for space saving storage. If your not the crafty type, covers made especially for wheelchairs can be purchased online.


Who doesn’t like flowers? Live flowers can be attached to chairs with tape and plastic water picks (floral tubes you fill with water). As far as fresh flowers go, alstroemeria, carnations and zinnia’s are a few long lasting varieties (up to 3 weeks!). Cut stems at a 45 degree angle and add water to the tube when it gets low. If you like flowers but are looking for something completely maintenance free and even longer lasting, silk flowers may be right up your alley. Many stems have wire inside making them easy to bend around the bars on your chair.

5. Rim Covers/Hand Rim Grips

Rim covers (also called hand rim grips) provide a pop of color as well as grip cushion for your hands while wheeling. Rim covers may be difficult to find locally in store, however, there are a few different companies selling them online. If you are looking to add comfort and a bit of personality, these may be perfect for you.

How do you express your personal style? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Barbara Escamilla

    Wow great tips! These wheelchairs accessories will bring wheelchairs alive. This is best for wheelchair user who loves bright colors, art and design.

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