Online Tutorials and Games for Senior Citizens

For generations that did not grow up with computers, navigating through the internet can be confusing, intimidating and frustrating. Many senior citizens avoid computers all together with the fear that they are too far behind in technology to begin now. The truth is, the internet can be fun, stimulating and easy to navigate with a little guidance.  Senior-friendly online tutorials such as those listed below are helping older adults experience as little or as much of the world wide web as they choose.

If you are a senior who has never tried online gaming, you may want to give it a go and here’s why. Research has shown that seniors who regularly play games live a happier and healthier life. Online gaming boosts brain activity helping to keep it healthy and active. Seniors who regularly or even occasionally play online games “reported higher levels of well-being, positive mood, social functioning and better self-reported health than non-gamers.” We have chosen 3 free senior-friendly websites that just may provide hours of fun, entertainment and boosted brain power!

Beginners Guide to the Internet

  •  GFC Learn Free

GFC Learn is a free website that offers both written and video tutorials on how to browse smartly, maintain your safety, and network socially while online. You are able to browse categories of your choice without signing up, downloading content or providing any personal information. Tutorials range from Computer Basics: What is a computer to getting started with popular sites such as Etsy and how to open your own online store.

  • Eldy

Eldy is a free software download designed to teach senior citizens and the elderly how to email, browse the web and much more. The install is designed to be simple with large buttons on screen and other comprehensive user-friendly features.

  • Good50

Good50 is not a website but a Google powered search engine customized to be user-friendly to everyone including older adults, senior citizens, and school-aged children. Large text on the search page along with the option for a high-contrast setting makes it easier for older adults to navigate the internet at no cost.

Free Senior-Friendly Online Games

  • AARP Games

You can find free user friendly games on the AARP website such as different versions of solitaire, memory, strategy and simulation games, poker, puzzles and many others. A select few games are members only, however, non members have plenty of new and traditional game options. To begin, you will have to register but it’s a quick and simple process only asking a few basic questions.


Memozor is another website where you can instantly play games without any sign up or hassle. Memozor games are targeted towards testing and strengthening memory skills in a fun way. Players can choose level of difficulty (1-3) for challenge and progression.

  • The Jigzone

This site is a jigsaw lover’s paradise! From 6 piece puzzles to 247 there are plenty of varieties and levels to choose from. New fun puzzles are updated daily and if you want to get fancy, you can even upload your very own photos to create a personalized puzzle to solve!


Do you have a favorite online tutorial or game? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below!





  1. Papaya Care

    Hello, Kristin
    Thank you for this blog. This is a really great blog and also helpful for the beginners to the internet. These list of games you have listed here are related to memory skills. This will help to increase memory power and they enjoyed to play with this. You are doing really a good work on your blog.
    Keep coming with such more interesting and helpful blogs. Very best!

    • Kristin Angulo

      Thank you so much for your kind comment, I am happy to hear that you find it useful! Have a great weekend!

  2. lynn

    i’m trying to learn the online games my grandson is playing. he doesn’t have ability to teach me;, the online tutorials assume i know which way to move my chacters by using what right or left click. Is there any place on web that can really help “newbies.” They say their for newbies, but there are so many missing steps, i spend hours trying to figure out what to do next.

    • Kristin Angulo

      Hi Lynn! If you tell me which games you would like to play I might be able to point you in the right direction.

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