Senior Celebrity Spotlight: Angela LansburyActress/singer Angela Lansbury turned 91 this past October and is proving that you can still do what you love at any age. Although Angela has had many acting successes throughout her life, she’s undoubtedly most recognized for her outstanding role as Jessica Fletcher on the popular TV series Murder, She Wrote. The multiple award winning show was filmed between 1984-1995 and still airs to this day, some channels playing the series 24 hours a day! Her talented performances on TV, plays, motion pictures, musicals and vocal recordings have earned her approximately 20 prestigious awards and over 60 nominations.

You may have recognized her voice as the charming character of the teapot “Mrs. Potts” on the animated film Beauty and the Beast. Lansbury admitted she was hesitant to record the song due to her “aging voice” and then blew everyone away as she nailed the recording in a single take. Her vocal performance of the song, Beauty and the Beast was extremely successful, winning her a Grammy Award for Best Recording for Children.

Lansbury was quoted as saying, “Providing I can put one foot in front of the other, I will continue to act.” and she has done so. So, with Golden Globe, Grammy, Tony and Academy Awards under her belt, what has this go getter been up to lately? In the past few years she has acted in films such as Mr. Popper’s Penguins along side Jim Carey, Driving Miss. Daisy as Miss Daisy and featured on the PBS series Great Performances. She is currently working on the sequel of Mary Poppins entitled Mary Poppins Returns, said to open in Theaters December, 2018 just a couple of months after her 92nd birthday, you go Angela!

Lansbury is largely admired by her family, friends, fans and fellow artists for her gracious, warm and humorous personality. Below are a few of our favorite personal quotes as well as nuggets of wisdom from Angela herself.

-“Hang on to what you want, what you feel you want to achieve and go for it. We are all the victims of our own talent and our own shortcomings sometimes, and we have to be aware of those things because they will trip us up and stop us from achieving what our aims are.”

-“Better to be busy than to be busy worrying.”

-“Work in the theatre just keeps revitalizing me, it keeps giving me the excitement and the fun of something new coming up and that’s a great gift.”

-“I absolutely do not have a retirement age… I’m only 87 – which today is nothing. It’s just like 60 a few years back. I believe age should not stop you from keeping on.”-2013
-“I’m not going to be dancing with the stars at this stage in my life. But I want to dance and bop around, and I did, and I can.”

-“I rest, I take a nap, I don’t eat stupidly, I take care of the bod and that’s very, very important when you get to a certain age. I’m the bionic woman; I’ve got knees, hips, everything is new and that has made a tremendous difference to me; replacements are high on my list of goodies.”

-“Here I am, I still go on, you know, like the tides.”





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  1. A. Terungwa

    Hi Kristin,

    Age, by all means, is just a simple, irrelevant number! Angela has clearly proved that.

    However, it is important to clearly understand that she first looked at age as just a number and actually got busy, an action that helped her achieve the reality she has come to smarty and productively believe for herself.

    For Seniors and caregivers, this is a classic lesson and note that should be kept close to self at all times.

    I love the inspiration!

    Do make the day great.

    A. Terungwa

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