Why Seniors are Turning to Airbnb


What is Airbnb Hosting?

Airbnb is an online business which offers people a convenient way to connect those who would like to temporarily rent space in their home to others who are looking for a short term stay. The renter sets their price and decides when they would like to host, for how long and how often. Both parties create a profiles with details about themselves and their home as well as photos of the space which are all reviewed by Airbnb. Messages are exchanged online giving both individuals the opportunity to ask questions and become acquainted with one another. If both people feel comfortable then the stay is booked! Airbnb takes a percentage of service fees from both guests and hosts in conjunction with every booking.  The company has over 2,000,000 listings in 34,000 cities and 191 countries. Their numbers continue to significantly increase with each year making it even more assessable to the masses.

Why Would Someone Want to Stay in my Home Instead of a Hotel? 

People using Airbnb commonly report that they enjoy the homey feel, meeting new people and in many instances it’s an affordable alternative to a hotel stay. Other incentives can include things such as guests being allowed to bring a pet and having access to amenities such as kitchen use that otherwise may not be  found in a hotel.

How Could Airbnb Benefit Me as a Senior?

According to a recent report Airbnb released, home-sharing is benefiting seniors all over the world by providing an extra source of income. That extra dough helps seniors with living expenses enabling them to stay in the home they love. Many retired seniors struggle to pay the cost of mortgage, eventually having to move somewhere more affordable.  Airbnb states that the company has already helped some 320,000 seniors make ends meet. The average senior citizen host earns just under $6,000 a year hosting guests for an average just under 60 days per year.

Renting out the guest room of your home can not only benefit your bank account, many seniors report that engaging with guests boosts their mood. Senior couples or those living alone commonly feel isolated, lonely or bored due to lack of social stimulation. Hosting can create positive social interactions, excitement and memories.

Is it Safe to Open up my Home?

There are mixed feelings out there weather or not it is safe to open up your home to a stranger, because after all, your guest is just that…a stranger. Airbnb has implemented safety measures in attempt to increase successful stays that make both the host and guest feel comfortable and safe. As a precaution, make sure your potential guest has excellent ratings from others they have stayed with previously. Take the time to read each review that other hosts have written, check references and clearly list your house rules. If you are a senior thinking of becoming a host through Airbnb, talk to friends and family about it. Hosting can be a great experience for some while others feel it is too risky, and that’s ok! Hosting someone in your space is a big deal so make sure you feel both confident and comfortable with your decision.

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