New York Home Health Care

New York Home Health CareNew Yorkers know it can be hard to find an apartment in the city. Once you’ve got one, why give it up? Seniors who want to stay in their homes can choose among hundreds of home care agencies in New York City and the tri-state area. These companies offer options from money-saving essential non-medical help to the highest level of concierge home care, and everything in between.

Non-medical home care

The Totowa, New Jersey, office of Grandma Joan’s is one of the top-rated home care services on, and Grandma Joan’s has earned plenty of press for its budget-wise approach. The company’s live-in caregivers help clients with non-medical tasks only, but that’s still a lot of help, and it costs less than traditional home care services that also provide medical assistance.

Caregivers placed through Grandma Joan’s or another non-medical home care agency help with dressing and grooming, medication reminders, errand transportation, keeping house, and paying bills. Because the caregivers live on-site, they’re on hand in case of a fall or sudden illness.

Home care service packages

Not every at-home senior needs live-in care. Synergy HomeCare of Manhattan has packaged its most popular eldercare services for convenience and efficiency. Among the options is a 3-hour mealtime check-in, during which a caregiver cooks, chats, and cleans up, offers a walk, and takes care of a few home chores. Other packages are tailored to helping clients get ready for the day and to keeping doctor appointments.

Medical home care

Managing a chronic health issue or recuperating from an illness or injury adds a whole new set of tasks to deal with. Seniors with memory impairment or major mobility issues need someone at home who can oversee their medications, therapies, and doctor appointments. These caregivers can also update family members and medical professionals to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

One such agency, Brooklyn-based Renaissance Home Health Care, offers at-home wound care, speech therapy, nutritional oversight, physical and occupational therapies, and respiratory care for seniors with ongoing health issues. Even seniors who have a family caregiver can benefit from having a professional in home to make sure their health plans are carried out correctly—and to avoid burning out family members who already have care tasks on their plate.

Concierge home care

New York City-based Jill Tucker Nursing Services has a strong reputation among affluent East Coast executives, professionals, and seniors who want top-quality home care. Tucker and her team provide pre- and post-surgical care, short- and long-term skilled nursing, dementia care, infusion therapies, and other customizable services. Tucker networks with area doctors and medical centers so her clients can often have a caregiver accompany them during hospital stays.

Whether you’re on a strict budget or money is no object, there are home care options in and around New York to suit your needs. With the right home care, you can stay in your apartment—something any New Yorker can appreciate.

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