Home Health Care in Portland, OR

Home Health Care in Portland, ORPortland is a great city for seniors because of its pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods and its age-friendly policies. But housing is expensive and scarce in Portland, so it makes sense for homeowners to hold onto their homes as long as possible, for their own comfort and for their nest egg. And living at home longer is easier with the right home care.

Basic home and personal care services

For many seniors, a little help around the house may be all that’s needed. Most Portland home care services offer a menu of basic options. For example, Helping Hands Home Care provides housecleaning and laundry, pet and plant care, cooking, and shopping help for seniors who just need an extra set of hands around the house.

Helping Hands and other local agencies also offer help with feeding, bathing, dressing, and grooming for clients with mobility issues. Caregivers can also oversee range-of-motion exercises and monitor medication schedules.

Round the clock help options

Living alone carries particular risks for seniors with mobility or health concerns. Home care services including Home Instead Senior Care can provide live-in caregivers for seniors who want don’t want to be alone. Some providers offer a discounted rate for round-the-clock care, so shop around and don’t be shy about asking.

An option for those who want on-call help is a remote alert service. Home Instead offers its clients the Philips Lifeline system of wearable call buttons and special speakerphones that connect clients in distress to a trained dispatcher who will then notify emergency responders, family members, or other caregivers as needed.

Specialized medical and mental health home care

Seniors can sometimes live at home even when dealing with complicated or chronic health issues, as long as they have the right home care services. One of the larger home care agencies in Portland is Providence, part of a multi-state network of hospitals, medical personnel, and home care providers.

Providence Home Health offers skilled nursing, rehabilitation services, nutrition therapy, wound care, and physical, speech, and occupational therapy for at-home clients. Providence also provides mental health nursing to help with the anxiety and depression that can come with an illness, injury, or decline in overall health. For seniors with cognitive impairments or signs of dementia, home mental health services can ease confusion, increase safety at home, and keep doctors and family members up-to-date on the client’s status.

Case management help at home

Managing long-term health and home safety issues can be both daunting and tedious. Home health social workers like those at Providence and other Portland-area home care services can save clients time by connecting them to the right local resources, fostering communication between clients and family members about health and home issues, and helping with long-term planning.

There are several dozen home care services in the greater Portland area, each with their own slate of services and specialties. Find the right one by checking reviews, talking with friends, and trying out one or more to find the best fit for you and your life at home.

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