*As of June 2016 the Caregiver’s Touch App is no Longer Available*

After taking a spin through the Caregiver’s Touch web app, I instantly thought, “Where was this when I needed it?!” Designed by two families with personal caregiving experience, this comprehensive app truly has it all.

Organizing the Information

The web tool is very intuitive and has a clean, simple look and feel. As many as six profiles can be created, and within each profile, information is stored on virtual tabs for easy access:

  • General – Basic information such as birthdate, address, SSN, driver’s license number, blood type, and family members (names and relationships).
  • Journal – A place to record any information you wish. Entries are tagged with a subject that can be chosen from a predefined list or you can create your own subject. The Journal is perfect for recording notes from doctor’s visits or tracking things like appetite, sleep habits, or problematic behaviors.
  • Calendar – Create single date or repeating events. Calendar views include list, day, and month.  If you are caring for more than one person, there is a shared calendar where events are color coded to correspond with each profile.
  • Medication – Record medications, dosages, schedule (up to 5x per day), notes, and other pertinent information. Need to take a current med list to a doctor’s appointment? Simply pull up the Medication tab, hit the print button at the top of the page, and you’re all set! Meds also appear on the calendar.
  • Insurance – List Medicare/Medicaid numbers, along with policy numbers and other details for private health/prescription insurance as well as auto, long term care, homeowners, and life, if applicable.
  • Contacts – Maintain contact information and notes on this tab. Flag doctors, support/helpers, and favorites. View all contacts or choose to see just doctors, favorites, et cetera.
  • Emergency – Provides a quick view of all medical history, personal aids (glasses, walker, et cetera), personal habits, allergies, and blood type. Simply click a button at the bottom of the page to display medications, insurance, or physician contact information.
  • Vital Information – Keep financial inventory (bank accounts, investment accounts, loans) as well as bill payment details (payee, due date – which can be shown on the Calendar tab if desired, remit address, notes and more). Document religious preferences, military record, attorney and accountant contact info, and locations of important documents. Even track pertinent details about assets.
  • Medical History – Track medical, surgical, hospitalization, and immunization history. Record personal habits, and maintain an inventory of personal aids. This tab also includes information on eleven common conditions in the elderly for your reference.
  • Documents – Upload documents such as power of attorney, living will, or medical directives for quick, easy access.
  • Questions – This tab provides predefined questions grouped by the topics health, living situation, financial, and end of life along with freeform text fields for answers. Many are tough to ask questions, and the idea is to use the tool to broach difficult subjects. In a manner of speaking, “blame” the tool for having to ask these questions, and in the process document what may prove to be very valuable information in the future.

Sharing and Security Concerns

All of this information can be shared with other family members or caregivers simply by sending a preformatted email invitation. Once the invitee accepts, he or she will be able to access information based on permissions that you have customized specifically for them. Access is granted or denied by tab, so you have the option of allowing someone to view medical history, but not vital information, for instance. Read only access can also be designated.

As an extra safeguard, an additional level of security is in place to protect confidential information such as social security number and bank account numbers. In order to access “protected” information, a specific password must be entered.

Sanity Saver

Caregiver’s Touch was launched in 2010 and is constantly evolving; in fact, the company welcomes feedback and suggestions from users and often rolls those ideas into future releases. A subscription is required to access the full web version (currently 19.95/month or $199.95/year), and the iPhone app can be purchased for $4.99. The app can be set up to sync with the subscription service if you choose to use both; however, one can be used without the other.

One look at the tool and it’s clear that a great deal of thought went into its design. If you cringe at the thought of your “system” of sticky notes, various notebooks and stray pieces of paper, electronic files, and multiple calendars, I would really recommend taking a look at Caregiver’s Touch! It may just be the answer to all of your (dis)organization problems!

Check out the demo and let us know what you think!


  1. Sara Jackson

    I would like to subscribe to Caregiver’s Touch but do now know how or where to go to start the process. The website directs me to a login, but I do not yet have a login, as i have not subscribed. Please direct me on where I can go. Thank you,


  2. Aging advocate

    Same comment … all info is behind a registration wall. I did find a YouTube review here, although it may be of an older version?

  3. Greg Allen

    I would love to find this app / the owners to see if I may still purchase this app.

  4. Joe Claffey

    Does this app/software still exists – it sounds great but I can’t even remotely find any trace of it?

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