mother-and-babymoth·er  noun ˈmə-thər    A woman in relation to a child or children to whom she has given birth.

That’s the Oxford Dictionary definition, but it really doesn’t begin to truly define the word, the person, or the relationship. As Mother’s Day approaches, it feels like the perfect time to think about our own personal definitions.

Heaven knows the mother/daughter relationship is one of a kind. It can be complex beyond words and certainly tempestuous at times, but if we’re lucky, it will be one of the most beautiful and important relationships of our lives.  One way or another, mothers have such a strong bearing on the women we become.  If we go on to have children of our own, their influence is omnipresent.

Tell Her Story

Although this year I won’t be spending Mother’s Day with my mom, she will be with me. She lives on in my heart and continues to inspire me to be the best person I can be. My sweet guardian angel, watching over me as I do what she would have done – try to make the best of a bad situation.

Each of us has a unique story and no matter what that is, we all have an opportunity to take the lemons we’ve been dealt and use them to make lemonade. By sharing our experience with others, we can try to help someone else on their own journey. And of course, for me personally, that also means educating the world about how Alzheimer’s ravages lives.

Feel Her Presence

On Mother’s Day, let us pause and simply honor the women who are in many cases our guiding lights. If you still have the opportunity, hold her hand and tell her what she means to you, for someday that opportunity will be gone. And if she has gone to Heaven, take comfort in knowing that her spirit remains with you, and in fact she lives on in you now and forever.

Honor Her Legacy

My mother was:

  • My best friend & biggest cheerleader
  • My most trusted confidante and adviser
  • My steady source of unconditional love, even when I was at my least lovable (remember those tumultuous teen years??)
  • The life of the party and loved by all who knew her
  • A master in the kitchen
  • My most influential role model

She taught me:

  • The importance of a strong work ethic
  • The meaning of loyalty and generosity
  • How to be a strong, independent woman
  • To never give up and that “this, too, shall pass”
  • The innumerable merits of a having a positive attitude
  • That it really is better to give than to receive

And, perhaps most importantly, she taught me how to be a mom…

Wishing all moms a Mother’s Day just as beautiful as they are…

Leave a comment and tell us how your mother influences (or influenced) your life!!


  1. Ella

    I honor my Dear Mother (RIP) not just on Mother’s Day but every day, I’m in awe of her. She will always be my Best Friend and Supporter, I believe that, feel it in so many ways. We were always there for each other, caregivers you may say, thru the good and bad, happy and sad. Honesty was our best policy about anything and everything, minus malice or jealousy. She was proud of me (no matter what choice I chose) guiding and supporting me. She would say, “Wished you had,” over, “Should have.” She was quick to tell me, “Let it go,” when I was dwelling, troubled. She encouraged me to be me, “That’s my Ella,” she would say. She was a beauty to look at, kept going thru ups and downs of life, not a complainer, always strong, too many attributes to share. She strived to hold onto her independence, to be herself. I know her goal was for me to have mine, be me. She was selfless. With time passing we lost control of keeping things the same old, we tried, having a wonderful ride. We ran out of time. I know I am my Mother’s Daughter, so honored. I know she is with me still, so blessed. I love her, miss her and us. Remember to share, not fear kind words, hugs and kisses and I love you (for no reason, just because).

  2. Anne Hays Egan

    Thanks for this. After my mother died of Alzheimer’s, I became increasingly concerned about the impact this disease has on all of us. Mother left a lasting legacy which I’ve chronicled in Moving Mama: Taking Care of Mother During her Final Years with Alzheimer’s. I attribute much of my love of learning, travel, arts and culture to my mother.

  3. Ysabelle Chan Javier

    Thank u for this beautiful book now i realize that my mom so far on me shes always in my side ..i look forward

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