Pros and Cons. Life is full of them. Every situation can be weighed in this light if you shine it right.

How fortunate any of us would be to have 3 generations of family alive at once. To be “sandwiched” in between our growing children and our growing older parents could be a great ride. On the alternate side, it could be incredibly time consuming and stressful; a sensation of being pulled in two directions with not enough left for what is in the middle. Are there enough hours, funds and energy to go around? No doubt it is a challenging situation!

NPR and The Sandwich Generation Series

NPR has just launched a series on this very topic. Today, NPR’s Morning Edition begins a two-month exploration of the increasingly common experience of adult children, middle-aged parents and elderly grandparents learning to live together. In a series called “Family Matters,” reporter David Greene will take listeners on a journey, deep into the lives of three families struggling with issues of money, duty and love.

We will be following this series closely. A truly fascinating view of America today.

Is this an experience you resonate with? Please let us know your story in the comment section below…


  1. Christopher Atkinson-Myers

    “Sandwiching” can kill the ability to express affection; I know, because I’m the peanut butter in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. What do I mean? Well, I’m part of generation two in a four-generation family “sandwich”. I worry almost constantly about my 89 year old mom, and my children, with young children themselves, worry almost constantly about me! When my mother is stressed, I go into crisis, and when I go into crisis, my children are terribly stressed about me. Pretty soon, everyone except the universally adored “littles”, is under so much pressure that it’s difficult to express loving concern without being, or at least seeming, controlling. The elder generation won’t accept advice and/or help from the younger and vice-versa. It’s a no win situation, and soon, everyone is too exasperated to hug, let alone kiss. There’s got to be a better way!

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