beautiful string of pearlsAs roles switch and the once caregiver becomes frail, wrinkled and stamped with time’s inevitable ruse, I remember a poem my grandma shared with me a few years back by Becky Netherland; a poem that discusses time’s wisdom and gifts, concurrent with aging. This clever grandmother wrote an insightful and heartfelt message to her granddaughter discussing her “pearls of wisdom” from living life’s wonderful adventures and imminent disappointments. Only one who journeys through life is truly able to relay the messages that accompany this poem.

My own grandmother—impressed by the poem’s words—gave me the poem with a beautiful string of pearls. I gift I will forever treasure.

Here are Grandma’s Pearls of Wisdom:

I’ve traveled paths you’ve yet to walk
Learned lessons old and new 
And now this wisdom of my life 
I’m blessed to share with you 
Let kindness spread like sunshine 
Embrace those who are sad 
Respect their dignity, give them joy 
And leave them feeling glad 
Forgive those who might hurt you 
And though you have your pride 
Listen closely to their viewpoint 
Try to see the other side 
Walk softly when you’re angry 
Try not to take offense 
Invoke your sense of humor 
Laughter’s power is immense! 
Express what you are feeling 
Your beliefs you should uphold 
Don’t shy away from what is right 
Be courageous and be bold 
Keep hope right in your pocket 
It will guide you day by day 
Take it out when it is needed 
When it’s near, you’ll find a way 
Remember friends and family 
Of which you are a precious part 
Love deeply and love truly 
Give freely from your heart 
The world is far from perfect 
There’s conflict and there’s strife 
But you still can make a difference 
By how you live your life 
And so I’m very blessed to know 
The wonders you will do 
Because you are my granddaughter 
And I believe in you.

~ Becky Netherland for The Bradford Group, 2008


  1. Shirley Shields

    This was a most beautiful poem, I made copy’s for two of my granddaughters who are really trying to get to that special p

    lace. They are always in my prayers.

  2. Romaine Netz

    Very beautiful poem says all we Grandmas want to tell our Grandchildren, I printed out this for my Granddaughter and changed the wording to Grandson and gave it to him also.

    • DanaLarsen

      Thanks, Romaine! We love this poem, also. We’re glad you could share it with your grandchildren.

  3. Mary Sheridan

    Words of wisdom beautifully written. I’ll certainly share it with grandchildren and with others who will want to share it with their families.

  4. Mary Sheridan

    Words of wisdom, well-written. I’ll certainly share it with grandchildren and with others who will share it with their families.

  5. Cindy Richardson

    Thank you so much for sharing such Beautifully written information on an important Life message! What a Blessing it would be if Everyone could read this and follow it.

  6. Deborah Warr

    This is one of the best poems I have read to pass on to my granddaughter as she begin another phase of her life in college. Thank you it said everything that I thought I wanted to say.


    Where can I buy the bookmarks ?…

  8. Kelly

    I saw this poem on the Bradford Exchange website so I looked it up to find out more. Some of us have a hard time putting our feelings into proper wording. This poem did a beautiful job of that. I shared it with my granddaughter for her graduation as she entered the world to learn her own life lessons.

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