Senior Care: Spice up Your Calendar with Fun Observance Days!

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12 Tips for Helping Seniors with Poor Eyesight

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Dementia Support Through Creativity and Craft

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When is it Time for Hospice Care?

Hospice Care Hospice care services are typically designed to give compassionate care for terminally ill individuals who have a life expectancy of 6 months or less and are no longer seeking a cure. The primary goal of hospice is to … Read More

Why Home Care Companies Are Using Working Interviews

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What are Living Estate Sales?

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55+ Communities in Naples, Florida

Naples, Florida is a small city with big culture. Sunny weather, beautiful atmosphere and small town charm are all reasons seniors are choosing Naples as their top choice for retirement. It’s no wonder that approximately 25.5% of their population is … Read More

Respectful Communication with Seniors: Don’t Call me Sweetie!

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Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Assisted Living

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Valentine Craft Ideas for Seniors in Assisted Living

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