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CareGivers sets a new, unparalleled standard for home care in Texas. We are passionate about helping elderly residents that need extra care in their home. Whether “home” is their own house or a facility, our Care Providers will join them to deliver an exceptional level of care and compassion. We strive to make home care a truly positive experience for our clients. Taking the step to hire extra help can be difficult. Let us help you choose and connect with wonderful care providers that you can feel confident about.

Our Home Care Professionals

Although many caregivers apply to join us, only around 10% are accepted into our network.

Each of our Care Providers completes a thorough screening process, including:

  • National Criminal Background Check
  • State Nurse’s Aide Registry
  • Driving History Check
  • Verified Valid Driver’s License
  • Extensive Application and Interview Process
  • Reviews and Feedback from Families like you!

As a client or client family member, you will have access to the background check results of any Care Providers that you work with.



When you choose CareGivers, you are choosing a company that gives flexibility, independence, and superior pay to the people who deserve it most: our Care Providers. This allows us to maintain high retention rates, which keeps our prices low and the quality of care high.

Peace of Mind

Before joining our network, every caregiver must pass a thorough background check and an extensive application process. Once they’re in our network, our caregivers are continually evaluated by reviews and feedback from families. Our vetting process allows you to focus your attention on finding the best Care Provider to fit your family’s needs.


We provide you with access to a team of dedicated care coordinators, precise time-tracking tools, and secure payment options. This allows you to choose the best care provider for your family, easily monitor their work, and seamlessly pay them without ever opening your checkbook.

Flat Fee
  • Low weekly minimum
  • No extra charge for short shifts
  • Accurate and easy time-tracking tools
  • 24-hour availability
  • No hidden fees
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