Frequently Asked Questions for Care Providers

What are my tax reporting obligations as a Care Provider?

Depending upon the relationship as solely determined between you and the Care Recipient, the Care Recipient may issue you a W-9 or 1099-MISC. If you are unsure what to do to, seek the advice of a Certified Public Accountant or attorney to assist you.

Am I eligible for workers compensation?

You are not our employee thus; we do not carry workers’ compensation insurance for you. Depending upon the relationship as solely determined between you and the Care Recipient, the Care Recipient may be your employer. You may carry your own workers compensation insurance policy.

Am I eligible for overtime?

This depends upon the relationship as solely determined between you and the Care Recipient. We do not engage you in any manner other than the directory and mobile application features. Depending upon the relationship as solely determined between you and the Care Recipient, the Care Recipient may be your employer.

How does payment work?

You will track your hours through a Mobile App. On Sundays, your time sheet from the week (ending Sunday at 11:59 PM) is sent to your client to review. Payment for each week is processed on Tuesday of the following week. You will receive your pay within one week of client payment, although many of our Care Providers receive their pay within 2-4 days.

Can I accept tips from my Care Recipient(s)?

Tipping is optional for the Care Recipient and not tracked in our payment processing. It is your responsibility if gratuity is accepted to report it to the appropriate taxing authority for applicable taxes related.

What if I need to call in to a shift?

If you cannot work a shift that you committed to, you will call in to the client/family that you are working with 24 hours in advance of your scheduled shift. You will also need to contact CareGivers directly.

What happens if I need to stop working with a family?

If you need to stop working with a family, it is customary to give a two week notice so we can find another Care Provider that fits the family’s needs. Our network of Care Providers is very competitive, and families prefer to be matched with people that have positive feedback from other clients. Quitting unexpectedly will almost always cause a family to leave negative feedback, which could hurt your chances for future jobs through our program.

What happens if my client makes changes to my schedule?

You work directly with your clients and their families. If they want to make changes to your schedule, you can decide if you want to make that change or not. If you want to continue working with them, you can discuss the changes and create a new or different schedule. If you cannot commit to those changes, contact us, and we can help facilitate a change that works for everyone.

Can I work for multiple families at the same time?

Yes. For each shift you work, you will need to identify which Job (Client) you are clocking in for. That makes it easy to track hours for multiple families. Remember that you are responsible for managing your own schedules with families.

What happens if I slip and fall at the senior’s house?  What if I’m driving the senior somewhere and another driver hits me?

We are insured for general liability, theft and auto.   There may be additional coverage through your own insurance policies, the senior’s homeowner’s policy, and the other driver’s auto policy.

What if I choose to work privately with my Care Recipient(s) and not use your time tracking and payment services?

CareGivers reserves the right to bill you and the Care Recipient a referral fee of $1,000. In addition, neither you nor the Care Recipient will be covered by any insurance protection that CareGivers offers. You will also assume all responsibility for associated fees, taxes, appointment scheduling and other requirements directly with the Care Recipient.

For any other questions, please feel free to contact at:

1-800-805-3621 or [email protected]