Creating a Playlist for Mom: 30 Songs of Yesteryear

Creating a playlist for Mom or Dad is a great way to bring back old memories and show them you care. Music allows older adults to reminisce as they listen to songs of yesteryear. If your parent has cognitive impairment … Read More

Save a Life: How to Become CPR Certified

Becoming CPR certified can be quick, easy to learn and affordable if you know your options. You never know when someone may need CPR, having the know-how to resuscitate someone in need is a pretty cool feeling. Did you know … Read More

Maintaining Independence As You Age

Independence, what does it mean to you? If you were to ask a child, a teenager, an adult and a senior citizen they will all most likely give you very different answers to what independence looks like through their eyes. … Read More

What is Vascular Dementia?

Vascular dementia is fairly common, ranking number two after dementia caused by Alzheimer’s Disease.  Vascular dementia occurs when the brain is deprived of enough blood carrying the oxygen and nutrients it needs. The lack of blood causes brain damage which … Read More

Wheelchair Exercises for Seniors

Older seniors can benefit both mentally and physically from weekly exercise, especially those who are wheelchair bound.  Having limited mobility does not need to stop you from reaching your fitness goals. While many fitness routines for seniors utilize balls, bands and … Read More

Early Dementia: When Mom Insists on Driving

Having a sense of independence gives us a feeling of security, confidence and self importance. I think most of us can agree that having options taken away from us is difficult at any age. Since the time we are tiny … Read More

5 Popular Elderly Scams to be Aware of

If you are 60 or older, statistics show that you are more likely to become a victim of fraud. Con artists target our young and elderly senior population by phone, internet, TV, mail, magazines and door to door solicitation. These scammers know … Read More

What is an Ombudsman?

The word ombudsman means, “citizen representative”. He or she is appointed to investigate and resolve complaints made by private citizens against officials or government agencies.  LTC (long-term care) ombudsmen programs are government run and available to every senior living in … Read More

Family History Passed Down: Interview Questions for your Parents

By passing down the history of a parent or other relative, you are giving yourself and future generations an irreplaceable gift. When performing a life interview, you are essentially enabling them to pass down a glimpse into their world. Generations … Read More

Become a Pen Pal to a Senior

In grandma and grandpa’s generation, a letter was a special arrival waiting inside the mailbox. I can still hear the sound of paper ripping as my grandmother carefully opened each envelope with her paper knife. She would smile as she came … Read More